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We provide digital media and marketing  
services to small businesses and  
entrepreneurs in a variety of diverse  
industries. From promoting and managing  
professional musicians to creating a web  
presence for your small business, we do it  
Our services include:

Web Design and Management - domain registration, hosting services, web site design and site maintenance, as well as updating and enhancing existing content.

Social Media Marketing
- monthly social media marketing with an engaging, dynamic presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, and just about any other social network of your choice.

Print Design and Distribution - design, printing and distribution of flyers, ads, brochures, business cards, post cards and all other forms of print media.

Event Networking & Performance Booking - creation and coordination of social events and booking of live performances to attract customers and connect your business with potential clientèle.

Disaster Recovery - repair, enhancement and restoration of damaged photos, documents and other existing media.
I&I Marketing has extensive experience in both marketing management and digital media. We specialize in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to maximize market exposure for increased profit growth.

With experience in a wide variety of disciplines spanning a number of diverse industries, we create a commercial presence that’s tailer-made to suit your specific needs.

Our team operates under an efficient, effective business model, with a dedication to helping you reach immediate success. At I&I Marketing, our business is helping your business grow.