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Artists & Musicians
Restaurants, Bars & Clubs
Small Businesses
We provide digital media and marketing services  
tailored to the unique requirements artists and  
musicians must meet to achieve success.
We help restaurants, bars and clubs reach their  
customer base and project an image that will attract  
new customers and keep them coming back.
We help small businesses and entrepreneurs present  
the modern, professional image necessary for success  
in today’s high-tech world.
About Us
Located in the heart of New Orleans and serving the entire Gulf Coast, I&I Marketing is quickly becoming the first choice of small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to  
increase market exposure to grow their business. It was formed by a core group of diversely talented people with a wide range of expertise. Our team, eclectic as we are in  
our individual crafts,  has one important thing in common- a love for what we do.